The Zenith


Protect what you've worked so hard to build. 

The Zenith Solution can help you protect a lifetime of hard work and allow you to get busy living out your retirement dreams!

Here’s How:

Proactive Tax Planning

  • How much of your IRA account is yours, and how much of it do you still owe in taxes?
  • The Zenith Solution includes a tax analysis built by our team of CPAs to create a strategy that aims to minimize your taxes and ensure that you and your family get to pay taxes on your terms, not Uncle Sam's.
  • We also offer tax preparation to streamline your overall tax planning needs each year.

Risk Management

  • We’ll run a market risk analysis on your current portfolio so that you won’t be left guessing about how much of your retirement you’d lose if a scenario like 2008 were to happen again.
  • Once we determine your risk tolerance, we tailor a plan specific to your retirement needs. Knowledge is power, but in the case of your portfolio, it’s also peace of mind.

Probate Avoidance & Long-Term Care Strategies

  • Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
  • With a high probability of nursing home care, we’ll help you evaluate the different options and create a plan for covering the cost.
  • We’ll connect you with one of our preferred attorneys who can set up your estate plan and evaluate legal strategies to help protect your assets from the nursing home.

Flat Fee

  • Don’t pay advisor fees based on the amount of money you have. No other industry works like this. Our team will charge you an easy-to-understand flat fee based on the actual services we provide.
  • Owning mutual funds and variable annuities can come at a high cost. Our team will analyze the internal costs of the investments you own so we can evaluate potential low-cost strategies to replace them.
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